Negligence does not matter

In April 2013, Director Eckstein justified his negligence in allowing violations of IEEE bylaws with his opinion that it made no difference.

That was good enough for President Staecker This willingness of President Staecker to allow arbitrary illegal activity with no critical examination is what I call the “Staecker Strategem.”

Did Director Eckstein’s negligence really make no difference?  Perhaps.  You make the call.  What would you believe the voting member might do given a free choice?

  • Do you believe the The 500 full-dues paying member would not take issue in spending an extra $10 on their renewal?  That money would have gone to send the officers and their friends on a junket to Niagara Falls.
  • All the voting members would prefer to vote for the candidates who violated rules and lied to them in order to preserve their control over the Section’s $200K fund balance.

In an organization where you can excuse all your negligence and lies by invoking the Staeker Strategem then why bother following rules or telling the truth at all???


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